2019 New York Jets: In a Tailspin

By Danielle McCartan (@CoachMcCartan and www.Facebook.com/CoachMcCartan)

BERGEN COUNTY, N.J.- The Jets are in a tailspin. They’ve fired their General Manager Mike Maccagnan and have named new head coach Adam Game as the interim GM. The move comes almost a month AFTER the 2019 NFL Draft.  Why, on Earth, would the Jets fire their general manager AFTER an NFL draft but BEFORE the start of the season?! The new GM will be forced to input the former’s selections into a roster and, obviously, did not have an opinion on who to select.

Below are my notes from my #60MinOT radio show from January 6, 2019. Listen (and download) here, beginning at 20:09:

(In regards to the firing of Todd Bowles): GM Macc should have gone, too.

– Jets have the #3 pick in the 2019 Draft. He’s obviously not going to miss on that one. Anyone with eyes will know who to pick with that.

– Can’t wait for the Maccagnan justifiers to point that out to everyone.

Macc Hits?:

-2018 Round 1: Sam Darnold (duh–he was getting a QB any which way… time will tell if he NEEDED to give up draft capital to get him).

– 2017 Round 1: Jamal Adams – on the rise

 – but Macc left Christian McCaffrey and Patrick Mahomes on the board!

– 2016 Round 1: 20th Darron Lee – served a multi-game PED suspension. Can be argued that he isn’t even that good: career: 3INTs, 11 passes  defended, 2 forced fumbles, 4 sacks, 17 tackles for loss

– 2015 Round 1: Leonard Williams – a fine player, but the only Pro Bowl he’s made was as an injury replacement. Good for 4 sacks a season. Joey Bosa was the first DE drafted the following year, he’s averaged 9.5 sacks/season. Myles Garrett was drafted the year after that, he averages 10 sacks/ season. Jadeveon Clowney drafted the year before him; he’s averaged 6 sacks/season.

– Macc left Todd Gurley on the board!


Macc MISSES / in NFL?

Christian Hackenberg (2016-rnd 2)/ NO

WR Devin Smith (2015-rnd 2)/NO

OLB Lorenzo Mauldin (2015-rnd3)/ NO

Bryce Petty (2015- rnd 4)/ NO


OUT OF NFL6 of 22 picks aren’t even in the NFL anymore!!!

2015 (4 of 6 picks): Smith, Mauldin, Harrison, Petty

2016 (1 of 7 picks): Hackenberg

2017 (1 of 9 picks): Donahue

2018– too early to tell

Where will we be in 2 years? Wishing he would’ve gone too and then hiring a new GM to work with a coach that may or  may not have had success? It’s backwards thinking and it’s the Same Ol’ Jets.


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