New York Giants: Pros, Cons, & Bottom Line Regarding Dave Gettleman

By Danielle McCartan (@CoachMcCartan and

1. Throughout his tenure with the Panthers, Gettleman has a strong draft report card. With the 9th youngest roster in the league (2017), the development of and implementation of young, inexpensive talent is imperative to the future of the Giants. In the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, he chose versatile running back Christian McCaffrey, who, if you’re a regular listener to my radio show, was at the top of my draft board.

Furthermore, a former collegiate offensive lineman, Gettleman will undoubtedly focus on rebuilding the Giants’ offense from the inside out: a strategy I have been professing for years.  My top two choices for offensive lineman in the 2017 Draft (as I discussed on my radio show), were Ryan Ramczyk (round one- Saints) and Forrest Lamp (round two- Chargers).  Both were still on the board when the Giants selected in round one.

2. Gettleman knows how to win.  Currently at 2-13, with proverbial wheels that fell off the wagon weeks ago, Giants Nation is in dire need for someone who can lead the team back to prominence- in a New York minute. Gettleman has been a part of seven Super Bowl teams (winning the Big Game three times, twice with the Giants).  His leadership had overseen Panthers’ clinching of the NFC South title for three consecutive seasons and had culminated in their appearance in Super Bowl 50.
3. What I like most about Gettleman is the fact that his football career began as a teacher-coach at a high school in Poughkeepsie, New York.  Over 30 years, he steadily worked his way up football’s rankings.  High school coach to NFL general manager: that tells me that he, tried and true, has experienced it all.
1. Gettleman was unexpectedly fired eight days before the start of Panthers training camp this past season (2017).  What does that tell me? After festering for years, there must have been a catastrophic event triggered between Gettleman and the Panthers’ ownership that lead to his severance.
2. In restructuring the Panthers’ lineup, many “A-List”, “big money” players were sacrificed (Josh Norman, Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams, etc.). Other veterans were asked to take pay cuts in order to remain on the team (Jon Beason and Jordan Gross). This undoubtedly boiled over into the locker room: his players were not happy.  They were so unhappy that, those that were traded took to social media in July to mock him and to celebrate his firing (shown below).

3. In July, 2017, Odell Beckham, Jr., arguably the most polarizing player in the National Football league, told reporters that he wants to be the highest paid player in the NFL.  Von Miller, who, in 2016, inked a 6-year, $114.5 million deal with the Denver Broncos whole-heartedly, and immediately backed Beckham’s assertion. Will Beckham have played his last game in a Giants uniform? Remember: Gettleman’s track record with Norman and the aforementioned Panthers players. Giants Nation is relentless in denouncing Ereck Flowers (Reese’s 1st round, ninth overall pick in the 2015 draft) as being one of the worst offensive tackles in the history of the Giants.  According to Pro Football Focus, he ranked better than Matt Kalil.  Why does that matter? Gettleman awarded Kalil’s mediocrity with a gigantic contract this past spring.

The Bottom Line
Anyone is better than former Giants’ GM Jerry Reese (my listeners know my qualms with him). With Gettleman, the Giants get a “quintessential Giant” and a proven winner. He’s got the brashness to logically do what is needed to right the ship that has so severely blown off-course this season.  Hard to believe, but in training camp this past July, I talked with long snapper (and two-time Super Bowl champion) Zak DeOssie about how it was going to be Super Bowl-or-Bust for the 2017 Giants.  Complete and utter combustion, it was. At 66 years of age, Gettleman most likely does not have many years as an NFL executive left in the tank, which means he likely is not auditioning for his ‘next role’.  Because of this, especially now, he will not hesitate to dole out big-time, essential personnel decisions.  What does the future hold for stars like Beckham, Eli Manning, and Brandon Marshall?  This GM, unlike the previous one, has a plan. Giants Nation should trust that the long-lasting results of Gettleman’s decisions will be educated, calculated, practical, and pragmatic.

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