Wishlist for 2017 Color Rush-NFL, New York Jets: Take Notes

By Danielle McCartan (@CoachMcCartan and facebook.com/coachmccartan)

BERGEN COUNTY, N.J.- The New York Giants’ Thursday Night Football Color Rush uniforms took the National Football League by storm.  With an overwhelmingly positive response to a perfect marriage between the retro 1980’s and the contemporary “looks”, around the league, more teams should take notice.

Boomer Esiason prototype for the ideal 2017 Jets color rush uniforms.
Boomer Esiason prototype for the ideal 2017 Jets Color Rush uniforms.

First and foremost, the NFL would have to lift the rule stating that teams can only have one helmet per season. Right now, designs, decals, stickers, etc. are allowed to be altered, but the pricipal helmet design must remain intact.  For example, the Giants swapped the “NY” for “GIANTS” and the grey face mask for a white one.  The sparkly, blue metallic paint is a constant in both designs.

Seeing how successful the Giants’ Color Rush throwbacks are, I hope the NFL would revisit this rule. If it were, in fact, lifted or altered to fit Thursday Night Football’s Color Rush uniform design schemes, the New York Jets should, definitely, revisit their retro uniforms. New York Jets fans, how cool would it be to see a contemporary version of the 1990’s kelly green uniforms!?

To dissect the look, let’s start with this sketch from SportsLogos.net:

2017 New York Jets Color Rush uniform plan
My 2017 New York Jets Color Rush uniform proposal.

The only change that would be made to fit the Color Rush palette would be to switch out the green-striped socks in favor of all white ones.  Then, to make this look more contemporary, the Jets can take a page out of the Giants’ book.  A sparkly, metallic kelly green-painted helmet would be the focal point of the look.

Hopefully, in 2017, the NFL’s brass would be able to look past the one-helmet rule and allow its teams to be as creative as the New York Giants were in regards to their 2016 Color Rush campaign.



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