Best of: 2016 Nike Color Rush Uniforms

By Danielle McCartan (@CoachMcCartan)

BERGEN COUNTY, NJ- The NFL, for the second straight season, has adopted the Nike Color Rush uniforms for Thursday Night Football.  This year, however, the NFL is adapting the initiative, with one team wearing completely team-colored uniforms while the other wears mostly white uniforms (yes, white is a color, too).  Last year, there was a small controversy over the Jets and Bills game that left colorblind fans unable to watch the game.  I spoke with Dr. Anne Sumers, then team ophthalmologist for the New York Giants, about the discrepancy between the red and green colors from both the player and the fan perspective.

Click below at 16:09 to listen to our conversation and her expertise.


NFC East

Winner: New York Giants.  The Giants put a contemporary spin with metallic paint on the retro “Giants” helmets.  The uniforms, themselves are an ode to the Giants Dynasty years. The white pants with blue and red stripes are an immediate upgrade over their current grey pants with blue and red stripes, worn for away games.  These may be phased out soon, as for all 2016 home games, the Giants have adopted white, instead of grey, pants. That being said, Giants fans of all ages will enjoy these uniforms.


NFC North  
Winner: Detroit Lions. Using black, the Lions tertiary color, as the main color of the color rush uniforms paid off.  The contrast of the light blue and silver are a nice touch. Not only do the all-black uniforms look sharp, they are also intimidating.


NFC South

Winner: New Orleans Saints. Although the Saints’ color rush uniforms resemble the White Power Ranger’s outfit, the gold and black stripes are well-done.  In all honesty, the Saints are the winner in this category because the other choices were quite bad.  The Panthers will look like Smurfs and there is hardly a difference between the all-red uniforms of the  Buccaneers and the Falcons.


NFC West

Winner: Tie between Seahawks and Rams.  I love the unique yellow uniforms of the Rams.  I am excited to see the yellow uniforms against the green turf, the color will pop.  I also love the lime green uniforms of the Seahawks.  The Seahawks, too, are playing on the tertiary color of lime green, which has evolved from the kelly green of the past.  The lime green may only be embraced by the youngest generation of NFL fans, however.


AFC South

Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars.  Though many teams throughout collegiate and professional sports are switching to shiny, metallic helmets, the Jaguars found a way in recent years to contemporize a matte helmet.  These color rush uniforms are the perfect complement to the helmets.  I wish the NFL included more of Jaguar blue in the piping and numbering.


AFC West

Winner: San Diego Chargers. Like the Giants, the Chargers are ‘rushing’ back to the 1980s with the adoption of yellow face-masks. They are a great compliment to the yellow bolts on both the jerseys and the pants.  Even more interesting, from the initial photos, the yellow features on the jerseys look to be metallic. If that is a case, this may be my favorite color rush uniform of 2016.


AFC North

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers.  Like the Lions, the all-black theme captivates me.  It looks sharp and intimidating.  While I love the compliment of the yellow on the black, I wish the Steelers were able to subtly introduce the red and blue also featured in their logo into their jerseys, pants, and/or socks.


AFC East

None of the choices in the AFC East particularly stand out.  The Dolphins should have elected to use their teal color instead of the orange, the Jets chose an entirely different shade of green than normal (their color rush helmet green does not even match their jerseys and pants), and the Patriots selected conservative blue (boring). If I had to choose a winner from this division, it is the Buffalo Bills.  Of all the teams utilizing red color rush uniforms, the Bills did it the best.  To complete the look, however, I suggest ditching the grey face-mask in favor of a red one.


The visiting New York Jets will square off against the Buffalo Bills in the first NFL Color Rush Thursday Night Football game of the season on September 15 at 8:25pm.

This week’s Color Rush match-up: Jets (white) at Bills (red), which avoids last year’s colorblindness problem.



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