Citi Procamp: Noah Syndergaard

By Danielle McCartan (@CoachMcCartan)

BROOKVILLE, NY- Noah Syndergaard, ace starting pitcher for the New York Mets, can now add another title to his resume: coach.  On August 8th, 2016, 250 kids (grades 1-8) attended Syndergaard’s inaugural Citi baseball Procamp at Long Island University’s Post campus.  While throwing batting practice, he even challenged one of the campers with his curveball!

Syndergaard reflected on some of his favorite baseball players of all time, then told me: “I can’t imagine what these kids are feeling.  You never know when you’re going to make that kind of impression on a kid and inspire them to become a professional baseball player and to follow their dreams”.

With help from the best high school and college baseball programs in the area, campers learned the basic fundamentals of the game: bunting, fielding, pitching, and baserunning.

Quite fittingly, Christine Costanzo, from Farmingdale, New York told me: “My son wants to be a baseball player, that’s his dream: to be a pitcher.  What better chance to meet someone like [Syndergaard] and learn from these professionals and to learn how much work it is to do this?”

While Syndergaard never got the opportunity to learn from his favorite pitcher, Nolan Ryan, camper Dominic Costanzo (Christine’s son), told me: “I look up to [Noah] and I want to be like him one day”. When I asked if he was allowed to grow his hair out like his idol one day, with a smile, he replied: “I hope!”. Christine responded with a chuckle.


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